Home Sweet Home

by It's All Happening

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released November 1, 2011



all rights reserved


It's All Happening Indianapolis, Indiana

This is the Midwest. This is our below.

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Track Name: No Diving Board, No Deal!
We're gonna live until we die.
Track Name: Home Sweet Home
I’ve got something I'd like to get off my chest
This room has had a lot of memories
Some good, some bad, history’s been had
And I still can say home sweet home

I wish these stars would align
The way the streetlights do in this indiana sky
But in the end when it is time to choose
You know that I would never choose you

For just this once can we abandon bitterness?
And bask in these moments, and just forget the rest?
Come on kid, who are you trying to impress?
By growing up so fast and leaving behind all your friends

Growing up in this town can be a drag
Everyone trying to get out, I’m trying to get back
Home, I know my ambition will kill me
But in the end I just need a few simple things

This is my home, these are my friends, there is a sound inside my head, and if I just can get it out, I could pass on without doubt, that there is hope, an ultimate truth, things beyond me and you. I’m not there yet, but I’m closer now, I’m glad I sat here and wrote this down
Track Name: The Innocents Abroad
It's not just a confession, it's a carnal sin.
It's a felony, what you have done to me.
Why won't you return my calls?
I feel so pitiful, checking my phone hourly for a message you'll never send me

Sinking this ship like only I can, look at us and know that we're innocent, innocents abroad.
Sinking this ship.

I wish every time I see the clock pass the time that we disagreed on so many times, that it would pass me by.
Because when I see it, I see you. There's nothing that I can do to get you off my mind, because it's 11:11 and I'm wondering why.

Sinking this ship like only I can, look at us and know that we're innocent. Innocents abroad.

I’ll be here waiting for you to say the word(say it, say it!)and I might just lose my mind, waiting all this time
For you to turn around and see what is right in front of...

your eyes make me lose my nerve and I know it sounds so absurd, but I’m innocent.
Innocent abroad.

Going down screaming, crying.
All my hope is dwindling, dying in a sense.
We’re Innocents abroad.

I'm looking forward to taking it slow.
Track Name: Landlocked
What are you gonna believe, me or the things you read?
I'll be here waiting for you, with a rose between my teeth. In my teeth.

The only thing wrong with you, is that you're not here.
I wonder if they're all laughing at me. We'll see.

I'm landlocked, and the best I can do is sing these songs I'm writing for you. I expect to violently awake, shaking, screaming, thinking "how much more can I take?"

I'm holding my breath trying to forget all the false loves I had before we met.

I want that blur we had when we were younger.
Explain to me how I'm supposed to keep my heart from pounding, when it's your heart too. It belongs to you. There's nothing that I can do.

The only thing wrong with you is that you're not here.
Track Name: Weddings & Funerals
There'll be time to sleep when we're dead
these eyes have seen your world and
I hate this place and these people
this face tells tales of smiles and frowns

I'm an orphan and widower
my heart beats for things my conscience scorns
save me from old age and wearing health
save pity for the old, and envy for the dead

Some of us will die
some of us will kill
some die before they can live
some have no story to tell

Weddings and funerals
give me rest and give me forgetfulness
give me open road, endless miles
get me the hell away from this place

I hate you because of the much needed sleep you've robbed me
things won't fall into place like I wish the would
and my red eyes are killing me.
Track Name: "Looks Like We're in the Rock Business"
In these walls lie a secret we've been keeping for years.
In church basements, and empty halls.
Instead of shopping malls, and bathroom stalls.

I know this is hell for you, but don't you know
it gives me hell too? (hell, too!)
But this is how I sleep at night
this ringing in my ears is my lullaby, tonight.

Let's hold onto this phase for as long as we can.
We built this with our own hands
and it's time we fight for it before it dies again.

Let's build a stage and lights
and show this town tonight.
This is our family, you can't take that from me.

I'm so scared of being alone.
I don't want to be abandoned.
Track Name: Choose Fun...Again!
Tonight I'm gonna dance until my back breaks.
Tonight I'm gonna die.
Track Name: You're out of your Element, Donny
Everything is covered in rust
I can't stand it, it's been a long winter
it's hard for me to hold my tongue
when I'm crawling out of my skin

listen, you asshole. I'm trying so hard
listen, you asshole. To not mess this up
I've got an average intellect and a full heart

I'm trying to have a heart, build a soul
but starting from scratch is difficult
I apologize for all the excuses.
Bury my bad habits and predispositions

I am just my father's son
not holding signs, not holding guns
not hurting anyone
and even though his pictures in his wallet
are no longer my own, I'm still his son.

Listen, you asshole, this is my home
listen, you asshole, I've got nowhere to go
God save me, or science save my soul.
Track Name: Say Nothing
Look at me with my tail between my legs
Jealousy, trademark of a small mind
I know the part all too well.
Assume that everything I touch will always be mine.

I never thought I would be this scared
Wish sudden wind would take me away
I wish I could’ve had faith like you.

I was born to be a martyr for nobody ,I’m sorry
I tried my best to ignore it, to forget
to leave everything
Children and fools always speak the truth.
(and I’ve never heard a lie out of you)
I'd rather tell one thousand lies
Than explain myself one bloody time

If you have nothing to say, say nothing.
Track Name: So They Say
If life's a question, let's be the answer.
I'll be honest with myself.

If I could bury my conscience, I know the epitaph would read...

"I've told so many lies, but I never said goodbye to my friends, and I never would've guessed that this lonely, tired town would be my home in the end"

Save me from lonely daydreams that fall apart at the seams.
Save me, let's make these dreams a reality.

I've spent a long time staring at the blacktop, wondering when things would change for me. I've spent a lifetime staring at the skyline, wondering when it'd be time to leave.

I'm staying. Home is where the heart is...
or so they say.